About Us

Kirpa Immigration is a fully integrated entity incorporated on the fundamental values of success. We pride ourselves in having an extremely high success rate for all individuals wishing to study abroad. Our sole vision and purpose is to ensure our clients are able to fulfill their aspirations of studying or working abroad. We are highly qualified and experienced immigration experts with in-depth knowledge of successful visa processing. Our firm offers study & immigration consultation for all major countries like Singapore, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Transactions are completed in an instant but relationships last a lifetime. At Kirpa Immigration we seek to provide our clients a holistic service which will create a lasting relationship between us. We seek to assist clients in booking airtickets, accommodation, currency/economy advice of different countries as well as educating clients about foreign culture and laws to ensure successful integration in their respective countries

We believe in total transparency and legitimacy. Our clients are given truthful representatives of the opportunities of studying or working abroad in the various colleges affiliated with us.

Our vision is your success

We are one of India’s most reliable overseas education and immigration consultants. Our firm perfectly understands the aspirations and dreams of students to study in foreign countries. For years, we have been guiding and helping Indian students to get overseas study visas. We are highly qualified and experienced immigration experts with complete knowledge about the study visa and immigration process. Our firm offers study & immigration consultation for all major countries like Singapore, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

We help our clients in not only shifting to new countries but also in settling perfectly. We believe in total transparency and legitimacy, which is why we always provide the right information and advice regarding your visa approval chances as well as career possibilities abroad. With our exceptional & useful insights, your dream of studying & settling abroad is sure to come true.

We have been building strong links with international clients in both education as well as business fields. In all the years, we have worked really hard to get direct associations with the top-most colleges and universities around the world. We have helped immigrants find a great job and helped them in inhabiting easily in foreign countries.

Our immigration consultancy works around the clock and offers a complete range of services rather than just visa consultation. We offer other services like booking air tickets, managing accommodations for clients, in the beginning, getting Indian currency converted into foreign currency and provide detailed information about foreign culture and important laws.

We promise you that after hiring our consultancy, you can rest assured about your visa, career and settling down in your dream foreign country.

Overseas Education and Immigration Consultants

Kirpa Immigration Overseas Education and Immigration Consultancy is an industry-leading establishment that offers the excellent service to people seeking migration & foreign studies.

For years, the director of our firm studied in Singapore and learned about foreign cultures and explored all outstanding career opportunities available abroad. After that, he realized how fruitful getting education from a foreign country can be for the skilled & bright students of India. Also, talented working individuals can find better career growth and higher pay scales by migrating to top foreign countries like Singapore, Australia, Canada, and Europe. This is what served as the idea behind the establishment of our immigration consultant firm.

Kirpa Immigration offers incomparable services to students, working professionals and corporate entities. Our firm is an all-in-one solution/one stop solution for clients who seek overseas education and immigration consulting. We pride ourselves with deep knowledge and understanding in the immigration field with highly satisfied clients. All our affiliated colleges and partners overseas have been vetted by our team

Why Choose Us?

To pursue uncomplicated & hassle-free education in your favorite foreign country

To immigrate to your dream foreign country without any unexpected costs or problems

To build a stable career overseas

Vision & Mission


To become the leading international immigration consultant by helping clients to pursue the finest education and build their dream careers in top foreign countries.


To provide unmatched & world-class immigration consultation services to all overseas aspirants in a completely integrated, flawless and personalized manner.

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